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Corporate Wellbeing

Benefits you can expect to see:-


- Stress relief, reducing staff sickness and playing a significant role in combating absenteeism

- Improved posture and reducing back pain absenteeism

- Improved morale

- Increased productivity

- A more relaxed team working with energy, enthusiasm

- A more focused, clear and open minded team

- A more creative thinking team


Corporate Wellbeing Workshops


Hands on Harmony offers Corporate Wellbeing Workshops which include practical demonstrations that are fun, interactive and provide the workforce with the tools needed to combat workplace stress.


A Corporate Wellbeing Workshop will cover the following:


- Introduction to stress reduction

- Effective relaxation techniques to calm both mind and body.

- Powerful relaxation techniques to use when under pressure

- Effective de-stress and relaxation methods for the office


Many companies now recognize the value of yoga and mindfulness, and more and more are offering classes as part of their corporate wellness. These include the likes of pro sports teams, Forbes, Apple, Google and Nike. But yoga and mindfulness can help all companies, large and small—just as it can help all people, no matter their age, current health or level of flexibility.


Wellbeing programmes are quickly becoming an important part of employee benefit packages and absentee management policies. By providing your employees with the tools to maintain their wellbeing you can reduce the losses that your organisation may suffer due to absenteeism and play a major part in tackling stress in the workplace. Not to mention the improvements in staff motivation and general workplace morale.




Weekly Workplace Wellbeing


Hands on Harmony offers Weekly Workplace at your place of work, either in the morning before employees start work, during their lunch break or in the evening after they finish work.


Call or email for more information or book.


Hands on Harmony works with businesses in Lancashire and Greater Manchester to help improve employee wellbeing.


With estimates that stress and illness at work costs the UK economy £26 billion each year, ensuring workforce wellbeing is vital to ensure business success.


Poor productivity in staff also costs companies billions of pounds each year. Employees come to work disengaged, tired, unmotivated and too stressed to work, meaning that businesses could see these costs rise if action isn’t taken.


A company’s greatest asset is its people. By implementing a corporate wellbeing programme, businesses are investing in the future of their business.  



Whether you are a small-business owner or a corporate mogul, both your business and your employees will benefit by incorporating yoga and meditation into your wellness program.


To find out more as to how Hands on Harmony can help improve your workplace wellbeing call Jenny on 07578108676 or email here.



“Jenny has provided a number of workplace wellbeing initiatives within our business, all of which have proven successful in supporting our wellbeing action plan. The feedback we gathered from attendees helped as supporting evidence in our successful Investors in People Good Practice in Wellbeing assessment recently.”



“Hands on Harmony has delivered mindfulness and meditation workshops to staff which provided attendees with evidence based tools and techniques to practice. Feedback from staff suggests these mindfulness techniques have helped them cope with the stressful situations they encounter.”