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Prenatal Yoga Classes

Hands on Harmony offers lovely and gentle classes for women during their pregnancy experience. We teach a specialised yoga programme to specifically guide you through this incredible journey towards meeting your baby.


Our prenatal sessions consist of yoga asanas (postures); birth partner work; flowing breathing techniques; deep relaxation and comforting birthing techniques.


These classes are open to all pregnant women from 13 weeks and you do not need to have ever done any yoga before.


As a mum myself and specially qualified prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher - I understand how it feels to be pregnant and the amazing changes that occur within the pregnant body.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga


The benefits of Prenatal Yoga include:-


* Promotes relaxation and stress management - helping to keep mum and baby calm throughout pregnancy and birth


* Improves general fitness and health - the calming practices are great for the nervous and hormonal systems and the more energising practices are wonderful for the cardiovascular system. The benefits that mum receives are also felt by baby.


* Promotes emotional wellbeing - It enhances mum's enjoyment of her journey of pregnancy as a special and sacred time and encourages her to honour herself and her baby within.


* Increases strength, flexibility & agility - Mum is in the best possible shape for the challenges of labour and beyond and her body is more capable of recovering quickly after baby has arrived.


* Improves overall circulation - can help with fluid retention (reducing swelling in the ankles/legs).


* Can reduce or alleviate back problems - The postures can help ease back, neck and hip pain, which is often caused by the increasing stress on

the spinal nerves.


* Alleviates/prevents the common aches and pains of pregnancy - helping Mum to enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy.



Classes take place on a Wednesday at Blackburn Birth Centre at 6.00pm. To book click below or call 07578108676.


(Classes currently on hold)



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