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Mindfulness Coaching


What is mindfulness coaching?


Mindfulness coaching is one of the most effective means possible to provide you with skills to work with your mind and mental state. Coaching will help things go better for you, your organisation, your colleagues, clients, family and friends.  


Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, in the present moment, to yourself, others and the world around you.  


Studies at Harvard University, have shown that after just 8 weeks of coaching there is a significant increase in concentration in areas associated with sustained attention, emotional regulation and perspective taking. Happiness and well-being are also enhanced as well as boosts to the immune system.


After a 8 week course of coaching you will feel:


• More energised and enthusiastic

• A greater capacity for relaxation

• Enhanced self-confidence

• An increased ability to handle stressful situations

• More focused

• Improved relationships with those around you




Coaching is available via Skype, over the telephone or in person




- 8 week mindfulness coaching course (8 hours)                

- 4 week mindfulness coaching course (4 hours)


Please contact for more information or to book on 07578108676 or email [email protected]


To arrange your sessions please email [email protected]