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By handsonharmony, Sep 28 2018 03:12PM

Entering into the realm of one-to-one classes can be an exciting prospect for both teacher and student and can offer a chance to really get to know your body and mind away from the influence of other students. One-to-one yoga is the traditional way of learning yoga. The ancient yogis knew the importance of personal yoga practice; ensuring the individualisation of each asana and pranayama so that each student could grow and tap into the best version of themselves.

Nowadays there are more individuals wishing to undertake a yoga practice and there just aren’t enough hours in a day to reach every student! Thankfully group classes are available which allow greater accessibility and also create an energising atmosphere which is affordable; however, in group classes the teachers are not always in a position (pardon the pun!) to be able to provide individual attention and guidance, which we all need from one time or another.


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