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6 Yoga FAQs Answered!

By handsonharmony, Dec 11 2018 11:40AM

Most people who contact me have many different questions about yoga, health and all things wellness.

Here are 6 common questions ANSWERED (wooo!) to help you embark on your yoga health path.

1. I've never done yoga before and I'm not flexible. Will I be able to do your classes?

Yes, absolutely! Many beginners worry that they won't be able to keep up with a class and that they need to be flexible. That's much the same as believing that you need to be able to paint a landscape before taking painting lessons. You will find that a yoga practice will help you to become more flexible, not just in your body, but also in your mind and outlook in life.

The classes that I run are infused with modifications and adaptations so all levels of students can enjoy the benefits of yoga, such as strength, improved cardio-vascular health, agility and so much more.

2. What does Namaste mean that we say at the end of class?

At the end of every yoga class you will see me bring my hands together in a prayer position, bow forward and say 'Namaste'.

For teacher and student, namaste allows individuals to come together energetically to a timeless place and connection, free from ego.

A definition of namaste is "I bow to your true self". The true self might be seen as a deeper version of yourself, less attached to any ego driven actions or thoughts, it's the kindest, calmest, gentlest, happiest, most compassionate and loving person you can be.

The exchange between students and teacher at the end of the class is a beautiful way to honour the true self in each of us.

3. Will yoga conflict with my religion?

No. Yoga does not conflict with religion. To read more click here

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