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6 Things I've Learned From Yoga Retreats

By handsonharmony, Dec 11 2018 07:56PM

Before I left to run my seventh yoga retreat, I had a clear intention; I wanted to inspire and help everyone there to live the best 2019 they possibly could. It might sound cheesy, but it's true.

Amongst others, I asked everyone - How do you want to feel in 2019? What promise are you going to make to yourself for 2019? What activities do you want to do in 2019?

Let's let go of distractions and the oh-I-would-love-to-but's and ask yourself those three same questions.

Are you wanting to commit to a yoga practice?

Is your promise to take better care of yourself?

Would you like to feel healthier?

Maybe you want to feel more settled and calmer?

You may wish to feel full of energy and life in 2019!

Do you want to put yourself first for a bit and switch off while you have fun too?

Hands on Harmony Yoga retreats are a wonderful place to focus on yoga; to learn ways to be healthier in body, mind and spirit; to take time out for you and they are specifically designed to furnish you with everything you need for complete joy and revitalisation.

Everyone and every body is welcome into our relaxing atmosphere, whether you’re looking to unwind, gain energy, connect with kindred spirits, start your new year perfectly or just create some time for you.

Here are 6 things I've learned from running yoga retreats:-

1. Choosing Your Retreat

Every time we start a retreat we ask people why they have chosen to come on that retreat. What made them decide to attend that retreat at that venue?

The answers can vary. Some come to spend time with a friend and others come to meet like minded people. Sometimes it's more planned than that. Some attendees want to expand their knowledge of yoga or get back into a lost practice and some want to give yoga a whirl in a safe environment. For others its a time for self-care, to treat themselves to rest and relaxation. For most it's to experience a sense of nurturing, being immersed and uplifted in peaceful yet energetic surroundings.

So ask yourself why do you want to come on a yoga retreat? What is your connection to it? Then let your heart guide you.

2. Leave The Guilt Behind

You know that backpack of guilt that you carry around with you? Leave it at home. Seriously. We can only give what we have and we can’t pour from an empty cup so give yourself a pat on the back for making the decision to take time for you, to look after yourself so that you can be a better person when you get back home. Click here to read more.

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