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Private yoga classes are available with Hands on Harmony.


One to one teaching is the traditional way to learn yoga. This way allows the teacher to answer any queries and to tailor the practice to the needs of the student.


Private classes are ideal if you want to feel the benefits quickly or if you're put off by the thought of a group class, or simply don't have the time to get to another class.


Private sessions are perfect if you have a specific issue or injury or you wish to advance your practice.


Each private yoga lesson will be designed for what is going on in your body, mind and life. I have experience in many different styles of yoga and will draw on all of these to develop a programme perfect for you.


Yoga attempts to balance mind and body using:


1. Physical exercises (asanas)

2. Controlled breathing (pranayama)

3. Calming the mind through relaxation and meditation (savasana).


Asanas work on every part of the body, stretching and toning the muscles, improving

movement in joints and ligaments, and increasing flexibility. Asanas are the physical

practice and they also work internally - toning and stimulating organs, glands and nerves. By moving through asanas we release physical and mental tension, resulting in increased energy, peace of mind and feeling of wellbeing.


Pranayama means breathing technique, which revitalises the body and calms the mind. This results in a calmer, more peaceful disposition, increased mental clarity and concentration.


Relaxation/meditation is the silencing of the body, mind and intellect. This is the last part of the practice and really seals all the benefits of your asana and pranayama practice.This allows us to reach deep within ourselves finding true peace and happiness, away from the distractions of life.


Whatever you want to achieve, that is what we will work together to attain. You may be looking for strength, balance, a sense of peace, stillness of mind, maybe increased flexibility, deeper insights of self or improved co-ordination, whatever it is, yoga can help you.


1:1 sessions are available every Wednesday in Chorley.


Sessions are £45 an hour or £400 for 10 sessions. To book call 07578108676 or email.


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Private Yoga Classes

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